The Importance of Getting Regular Teeth Cleanings

We all know brushing and flossing are a critical part of caring for our mouth. But they are just a part of what we should be doing to protect our teeth. Brushing and flossing each day should be a regular part of your routine but getting your teeth cleaned by a professional regularly throughout your life is just as important.

Regular teeth cleanings will keep your teeth healthy

Professional cleanings are the only way to remove tartar, or calculus, which is hardened plaque on the teeth. Excessive tartar on the teeth causes discoloration, inflammation of the gums, damage to the tooth enamel, cavities, and even permanent tooth decay. Excessive amounts of tartar build up makes it harder for you to clean your teeth well at home and remove the plaque that turns into tarter, creating a vicious cycle.

Reduce your expenses

Better to catch a little problem before it is a big one. Giving your dentist the opportunity to keep tabs on potential problems means that you can get any cavities or other issues fixed before they become a major financial set back. Your dentist uses their extensive knowledge and high tech tools like x-rays and 3D imaging to take careful stock of your teeth. They will be able to identify problems sooner and track potential cavities over time. You will not only avoid painful cavities but you’ll avoid the expense of extensive dental interventions for issues that have gone on too long and causes a lot of damage.

Keep your teeth

Growing older is hard, there are some changes we cannot stop but you don’t have to loose your teeth. By maintaining a regular routine of oral hygiene and getting regular cleanings you can avoid the problems that most often lead to tooth loss, like periodontal disease. The best way to head off these issues early is to be a regular visitor at your dentist’s office.

Improve your overall health

Studies have shown that proper oral hygiene is linked to better outcomes in overall health. Taking proper care of your teeth can improve your cardiac health and help diabetics better control their blood sugar.

Boost your confidence

Get an extra strut in your step when you walk out of the office knowing that your teeth are shiny and white and your breath is minty fresh.

Early intervention

At your appointment your dentist isn’t just looking at your pearly whites. He or she will also be taking a look at your tongue, tonsils, lymph nodes, jaw and other areas of your head, neck, and throat. Your dentist is in a position to identify early symptoms of a variety of diseases and conditions, like oral cancer or thyroid cancer.

So remember for good health: 2-1-2 Brush twice a day, floss once a day, and visit your dentist for a cleaning twice a year.

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